sabato 3 marzo 2012

Funny letter to a son

Dear son,
I am writing these few lines because you know I've written. If you receive this letter it means that it arrived. If not let me know so I can send it again. I write slowly because I know that you can not read fast.
Some time ago your father read in the newspaper that most accidents happen within a radius of one kilometer from the place of residence so we decided to move a little further. The new house is wonderful: there is a washing machine, but I’m not sure that works. Just yesterday I put the laundry into it, I pulled the water and the laundry was gone completely.
The weather here is not too bad, last week it rained twice: the first time for three days, the second for four.
I also want to inform you that your father has a new job: now he has 500 people under him, in fact it cuts the grass of the cemetery.
About the jacket that you asked me, your uncle Pier told me that sending it with buttons would cost very expensive (due to the weight of the buttons). So I separated them. If you think you’ll hang up them again, I put them all in the inside pocket.
Your brother Gianni did
​​a foolish thing with the car: he got out snapping shut the door and leaving the keys inside.
Then he had to return home to get the jack to break the glass and so we could get out of the car too.
If you see Margaret greet her on my part, if you don’t see her don’t say anything.
I salute you because now I have to run to the hospital, your sister is giving birth, but we do not know if it will be a boy or a girl, so I can not tell you if you are uncle or aunt.
A big hug from your mom that loves you so much.
P. S. I wanted to put a bit of money but I had already closed the envelope.

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